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Classical Taiwanese cuisine

In Jilin Road, Xingtian Temple (or Xingtian Gong) Shopping District, there is a traditional Taiwanese dish restaurant-Ku Du Restaurant. Ku Du Restaurant is renowned for its authentic Tainan hometown taste and known to local residents and office workers. When you open the menu of Ku Du Restaurant, you will see hundreds of different dishes you may be familiar with and they are all the traditional cuisines of Taiwanese civilians. The pusher behind these fantastic dishes is also the owner of “Ku Du Restaurant,” Mrs. Chu.

The story of Ku Du Restaurant began from Tainan to Taipei
from a small food stand to a fine restaurant.

With an inborn keen sense of smell and taste buds, Mrs. Chu always knows how to search for the right ingredients to make delicacies for the cuisines she has eaten, tasted, or seen. Under the experience transfer from Mrs. Chu’s husband’s mother with experience for decades, Mrs. Chu could have more profound learning and cognition for the subject of cooking.

Mrs. Chu loves delicious food and knows a successful dish requires not only excellent cooking techniques but also the patience and love of the chef.With her rich cooking experience as well as her enthusiasm of sharing food, Mrs. Chu left her hometown Tainan to Taipei sixteen years ago, staying in Jilin Road, Xingtian Temple Shopping District;a delicacy stand was opened, while Mrs. Chu started her favorite and specialized Taiwanese cuisine cooking business. 

Mrs. Chu’s superior cooking skills made the small booth in Jilin Road gradually popular. After countless diners who love and know delicacies visit this stand, its reputation spread; the small stand was known far and wide. Afterwards, Mrs. Chu began to operate a small restaurant in the lane. Diet is not only to meet the appetite but also an important life culture. To allow the unique skills of cherished tradition be inherited and for sustainable development, Mrs. Chu started to let her children contact restaurant operation and taught them with her cooking skills. Mrs. Chu’s daughter is responsible for receiving and greeting the guests and her son learns skills with Mrs. Chu in the kitchen. With the joint efforts of the Chu family, Ku Du Restaurant was expanded in its operating range six years ago and the environment was redecorated at the interior design style of “light beauty and good atmosphere” as well as being simple, clean, and modern.

「The menu of Ku Du Restaurant is written in Chinese, English, and Japanese to introduce the dishes here. In the restaurant, you may hear Japanese conversations from time to time. It is obvious the cuisines of Ku Du Restaurant have been across national boundaries. Here the classic authentic Tainan hometown tastes lead to the fans of Mrs. Chu all around Taiwan. Even the tour groups and tourists from Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries indicate to dine in Ku Du Restaurant. Ku Du Restaurant is the synonym of Taiwanese cuisine in these fans’ minds.

With special food materials and unique cuisines and dishes
Ku Du Restaurant’s classical signature dishes are created
【Dried Bean Curd Sauteed with Dried Cucumber】which is almost ordered on every table. Mrs. Chu matches dried bean curds with crisp dried cucumbers with her ingenuity, sauting in deep-fry. This dish tastes salty and spicy with rich flavor levels, not only going with rice but also being an excellent dish that goes with wine.
  • 【Spiced Pig's Livers】Mrs. Chu carefully selects ingredients. She said, “A satisfactory pig liver can only be selected in more than two dozen of pig livers.In accordance with the traditional method of making the heated braised snacks, with the secret recipe and ingredients handed down from generation to generation, the pig’s livers are braised to be soft, thin, and have black and light colors.” In addition to the unique scent of braised ingredients, the pig’s livers are dense, soft, and a little sound. The more it is chewed, the mellower it will be. 
  • 【Beef Platter-Beef tendon/Beef/Beef stomach/Beef intestine with soy sauce】are another dish that goes with wine that Mrs. Chu is adepted in. We insist on using beef in Beef Platter, which includes beef tendon, beef, beef stomach, and beef intestine with soy sauce and every part has been boiled for a long time and then braised in the pot until the marinade permeates the ingredients so that the dishes can be completed and served up. In summer, this dish coupled with ice cool beer is fabulously delicious.
  • 【Fried Pork with House Spices】is a signature dish of Ku Du Restaurant that almost each group of guests must order.local pork is selected to be cut out the pork belly in a moderate proportion of fat meats and lean meats, be marinated with ancestral sauce, be wrapped with distilled grain flour, then to be fried in the pot, and to be sliced. It can be seen that the glossy gravy is evenly distributed on the meat. The taste is crisp outside and tender inside. 
  • 【Pork Sausages】Tainan’s superior sausages are selected to be fried and sliced, exuding unique five-fragrance flavor and being very attractive.there are a moderate proportion of fat meats and lean meats and sweet tastes without greasy tastes in general sausages. Coupled with garlic, the tastes are more abundant.
  • 【Onions with Seaweed Salad 】is an appetizer, in which raw onions are shredded, the well-selected dried fish and dried seaweeds are sprinkled, specially blended soy sauce is added, and then the dish is cold shredded, and it can be directly eaten.
  • 【Plain Chicken】he used chickens were carefully selected from Taitung; with the well-selected ingredients as well as a unique cooking method, the chickens maintain fresh and original delicious taste without an offensive smell. A saucer of soy sauce is sub-joint and the guests can pick it with the preferences. But old guests know, to enjoy chicken’s fresh and delicious taste, directly tasting the original flavor of food without sauce is the most knowledgeable way of eating.
  • 【Beef Intestine with Soy Sauce】is a Kung Fu food, which is through carefully cleaning and then setting in the small intestines in the large intestines, so that the dish needs a lot of consuming procedures; however, the flavor through setting two kinds of intestines is perfect and the taste is crisp with being chewy.
  • 【Leaf Mustard & Chicken in Hot Pot】is also a popular hotpot dish. Used to be boiled in the chicken soup with the original flavor; a lot of sweet, mellow, and crisp leaves of mustard are added; thus, the soup is refreshing and delicious and can remove the greasy.
Good tastes of Ku Du Restaurant are suitable for banquets or having a few drinks. Being delicious and affordable

Although Ku Du Restaurant’s signature dishes are being very familiar, the manager and staff members of Ku Du Restaurant still strive for excellence and continue to develop new dishes to meet the diners who love cuisines. Ku Du Restaurant is an excellent place for dining together, drinking, or talking with friends. When you do not want to cook at home, it is recommended that you may come to Ku Du Restaurant and taste the home cooking here. For cooking tips, Mrs. Chu said, “Cooking requires patience.” Every meal on the table in Ku Du Restaurant needs countless efforts of the chef behind to be achieved. Each dish at Ku Du Restaurant releases the taste of mother’s home and is also full of the honest impression of the Chu family. Mrs. Chu said, “What I cook is always deemed to be for my family.” Also, her unchanged principles for decades are “to keep the primary taste of the ingredients” with no unnecessary additives, so that the diners of Ku Du Restaurant can taste the original flavor of food healthily and happily. If you have a chance to come here, it is fully recommended for you to come to Ku Du Restaurant to enjoy the fabulous tastes which are not only food but the cuisines cooked from the “heart” of Mrs. Chu!